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Pacific Printing Industries Association Awards JTW "Most Innovative", "Best Packaging", and "Best in Division"

Posted by Brit Nowacki on Sep 26, 2018 12:19:58 PM
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IMG_0582 copyWe are pleased to announce that JTW won three awards last week at the annual PrintROCKS! Award Show hosted by the Pacific Printing Industries (PPI) Association. Showcasing the best print pieces from Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah and Washington, the award categories cover print work from grand format to business cards, and everything in between. 

JTW entered an influencer kit we created for Red Bull Heavy Water, an intense stand-up paddling event where 35 of the world's best SUP athletes compete in an open 7.5-mile course complete with waves over 10 feet high. Revelry Experience, an experiential marketing agency, hired JTW to create a "premium, sustainable athlete event invitation concept and packaging for Red Bull's Heavy Water event."

To accomplish this, the team at JTW designed and produced a capsule made of kraft falconboard. A graphic image of the Golden Gate Bridge was printed on the cover of the capsule, which was bound using Chicago screws to mimic the steel joints on the iconic landmark. A custom belly band was also created to add a premium finish and showcase event-specific branding. Upon receipt, influential athletes opened the packaging to reveal a message in a bottle personally inviting them to participate in the upcoming event. 

RedBull_InfluencerKit_Laydown_AllInfluencer marketing can generate up to 11x the ROI of traditional advertising and is an innovative approach to digital and print-driven marketing projects. Influencers are always looking for new content they can share with their audience, and physical print pieces that include a ‘surprise and delight’ moment make for an interesting unveiling that is easily captured and shared. The cost of producing influencer kits is substantially lower than a media buy and can result in a larger reach and higher number of impressions and engagements. Influencer kits are a powerful, strategic form of direct mail that keeps print relevant, engaging, and innovative in the digital age. 

We are proud of our three PPI awards, including "Most Innovative", "Best Packaging", and "Best of Division, 21-50 Employees." A big thanks to the PPI for their recognition of our team, and to Revelry and Red Bull for giving us the opportunity to design and produce this award-winning work.


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