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Let's Eat, Grandma vs. Let's Eat Grandma (Please Don't)

Posted by Caitlin Britch on Sep 24, 2018 10:22:59 AM

In the spirit of National Punctuation Day, we thought it would be fun to check in with the JTW team on the 3Ps of Punctuation – Passion and Pet Peeves!

The JTW team is in lock step on their drive to do great work for our clients – but ask them about the Oxford comma and watch out! We have a very passionate group when it comes to the comma and it can easily spark quite the debate. An Oxford comma is defined as, “a comma used between the final items in a list, often preceding the word ‘and’ or ‘or’, such as the final comma in the list “newspapers, magazines, and books(dictionary.com). Oxford commas are perhaps one of the most controversial punctuation topics. Whether someone is for or against them is completely subjective.

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